Puncher F 80

Our solution for Paper Waste 

►  Preservation of fiber structure

►  100% composite separation

►  40% less energy consumption compared to Hammermill 

►  No water needed in the process 

►  Up to 10tph throughput


►  Easy contamination extraction 

►  Fully clean and closed process

►  Less than 3% dust in final product

Puncher E 80

Our solution for Electronic Waste 


►  Collision bursting  

►  No material condensing 

►  100% composite separation

►  Up to 10tph throughput  

►   40% less energy consumption

►  High durability of ware parts

►  Less maintenance cost

Puncher Mobil Container

Our mobile solution 

► Paper and Electronic Waste solutions available 

►  Ready to use equipment

►  Compact system 

►  Easy movable anytime

►  Up to 1.5tph throughput  

►  40% less energy consumption

►  Fully clean and closed process

Puncher System Integration

►  We integrate The Puncher in your existing system.


►  Our develop a new concept to achieve your goals.

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Engineered for the future

The Puncher is our Cross-Flow-Shredder designed for dry defibration to fiberizes paper and cardboard. The robust design of our Puncher enables you to also shred plastic, metal and e-waste.

Our Puncher Technology

Puncher Specification

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