OCC fiber after 1/8 inch screen 

OCC fiber after 1/5 inch screen


Newspaper after 1/3 inch screen

Newspaper after 1/2 inch screen

Beverage packaging

Beverage packaging after 1/2 inch screen

Beverage packaging plastic separation

Cable and Extension Cords 

Cable and Extension Cords after 1/2 inch screen

Complete exposure of all wire 

Engine parts

Complete exposure of copper wire

Complete exposure without compression

Heat Exchanger 

Complete exposure of aluminum and copper

Complete exposure without compression

Engineered for the future

The Puncher is our Cross-Flow-Shredder designed for dry defibration to fiberizes paper and cardboard. The robust design of our Puncher enables you to also shred plastic, metal and e-waste.

Our Puncher Technology

Recyclable Materials

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