Recycling for a sustainable tomorrow

Recycling Automation Systems US Inc. is a United States based company that is very invested in saving our planet.


We do so by building recycling plants equipped with our cutting edge technology.

With more than 15 years of experience in the recycling industry, we are able to orchestrate the whole package.


We offer detailed plant development combined with state of the art engineering, high quality machinery and a wealth of knowledge to ensure the best outcome.


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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 917 415 9025 or fill out our form

Head Office

Recycling Automation Systems US 


A division of US Management Services Corp.

Weehawken, New Jersey


Tel: 917 415 9025

Contact us: 917-415-9025



We offer state of the art recycling plant engineering technology


​We develop the whole project. Covering everything from start to finish to deliver the perfect running system.


​We offer state of the art recycling plant engineering ensuring that the technology of your recycling plants is the best available on the market.

Turn-key Systems

You can just “turn a key” and the system  is ready to go. Systems include all the necessary components to ensure efficiency.


​We provide you with expert on-site consultation and offer individual training instructions for your staff to ensure smooth transition into the new recycling plant. 

Puncher F 80 

►  Preservation of fiber structure

►  100% composite separation

►  40% less energy consumption compared to Hammermill 

►  No water needed in the process 

►  Up to 10tph throughput

►  Easy contamination extraction 

►  Fully clean and closed process

►  Less than 3% dust in final product

►  Less sparks / reduced fire risk

Dry Defibration Technology

to produce

clean Dry Pulp

out of

OCC / Recycling Paper  

Plastic Recycling


Many resources can be recovered and recycled with the right technology. We have been offering support and solutions to major recycling companies for more than a decade.

Puncher E 80 

►  Collision bursting  

►  No material condensing 

►  100% composite separation

►  High durability of ware parts

►  Less maintenance cost

►  Up to 10tph throughput  

►   40% less energy consumption

►   Less sparks / reduced fire risk

Cross-Flow-Shredder Technology

to separate

Electronic Waste

back into

Individual Valuable Materials  

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