The growing demand for high-value, secondary raw materials needs technology to generates clean non-ferrous metals fractions.
Metal recycling | Recycling Automation Systems US

Get full intrinsic value by sorting the sellable components of Twitch and Zorba into their most valuable and marketable alloys.
Don’t give away margin when sorting can be done for a few cents per lb; and your total value of sold goods increases several to 10 times that much.
Deliver a Preferred Product to your key clients, thus insuring a viable market during good times and bad.
Reduce your tonnage of landfill or incinerator material by recycling the valuable plastics and polymers found in the typical waste stream.

Metal recycling | Recycling Automation Systems US

Produce low Mg, high Si, Cast Al product for secondary smelters.

Produce pure Mg for Mg and Al secondary smelters at a premium.

Produce low-alloy Wrought Al product for 3XXX and 6XXX series secondary smelters.

Sort your heavies to produce alloy classes for your clients—as melt product directly or melt correction material.

Prepare long term contracts to produce near melt-specific alloy lots for key secondary smelters in your region.

Attain full intrinsic value from your Zurik…extract and sort the PCB, SS, Al, Cu and Cu wires, plastics, etc.

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