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Metal Scrap

The growing demand for high-value, secondary raw materials needs technology to generates clean non-ferrous metals fractions.


Get full intrinsic value by sorting the sellable components of Twitch and Zorba into their most valuable and marketable alloys.

Don’t give away margin when sorting can be done for a few cents per lb; and your total value of sold goods increases several to 10 times that much.
Deliver a Preferred Product to your key clients, thus insuring a viable market during good times and bad.

Reduce your tonnage of landfill or incinerator material by recycling the valuable plastics and polymers found in the typical waste stream.

Ready to melt

In order to optimize the melting process it is essential to know what you drive to the furnace.  Separating a pure fraction of heavy metals can be very beneficial. 

XRF Technology is engineered and developed for the Metal Industries. Sorting and separating heavy metals out of an aluminum stream to create pure fractions of material. 

If you need consulting for the metal recycling market: Contact US 

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