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Our engineering design for recycling plants maximizes efficiency by incorporating advanced sorting technology, ensuring a high-quality output of recyclable materials while minimizing waste, contributing to a more sustainable and profitable solution for waste management.

Feasibility Engineering

Preliminary engineering to establish project feasibility.

  • Basic process flow diagram

  • Basic layout

  • Basic equipment specifications

  • Basic project cost estimation

  • Basic project schedule

Basic Engineering

General arrangements, process flow diagram, project budget estimation.


  • Preliminary process flow diagram

  • Preliminary layout

  • Preliminary equipment specifications

  • Refined project cost estimates

  • Refined project schedule

Detail Engineering

Detailed arrangement, equipment specifications, detailed process flow diagram.

  • Detailed process flow diagram

  • Detailed arrangement drawings

  • Detailed equipment specifications

  • Detailed cost estimate

  • Detailed project time schedule


Optimise processes, increase quality and improve efficiency.

  • ALM simulations

  • Material flow simulations

  • Project execution simulations

  • What-if simulations

  • Virtual reality simulations

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