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High quality information is a key to a quality project outcome. Converting of available documentation to CAD, laser scanning and reverse engineering are just some of the services where you can rely on Recycling Automation Systems.

Visualization is a powerful way to bring certainty and confidence to any project. We produce different digital experiences to help our clients explore their projects in detail. 

2D to 3D Engineering

2D to 3D engineering process involves converting a two-dimensional representation into a three-dimensional model using CAD software, optimizing the model for its intended purpose, and documenting and communicating the final design to relevant stakeholders.


This process enables engineers to create virtual representations of objects or concepts that can be visualized, analyzed, and optimized before being physically manufactured or constructed, saving time and resources and ensuring accurate design outcomes.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing and understanding how a product or system works by deconstructing it, often to gain insights into its design, functionality, or underlying technology.


It involves disassembling, dissecting, and studying the components, interfaces, and interactions of the product or system


Visualization plays a critical role in recycling plant engineering by providing visual representations of processes, systems, and data to improve understanding, optimize operations, and enhance decision-making.


It enables engineers and operators to gain insights, identify opportunities for improvement, and optimize the performance of recycling plants for sustainable waste management and resource recovery.


The as-built process for complex engineering projects typically involves creating and maintaining a set of drawings and other documentation that accurately reflect the final design and construction of the project.

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