Paper Stock

The high standards for de-inked paper in the paper industry requires the highest precision. We can offer plant solutions and sensor based recycling machines for paper to reach those requirements.

Material Recovery

This gives you the opportunity to recover the following materials:

  • Office paper

  • Magazines and Newspapers

  • Catalogues

  • Wood free paper 

  • Kraft paper


As important as the recovery is not less important is the removal of certain materials like:

  • Brown and gray cardboard

  • Corrugates cardboard

  • Folded and colored printed cardboard

  • Synthetic and plastic-laminated papers

Dry Defibration of Fibrous Materials

Materials like:

  • Coarse defibration

  • Backing paper for labels

  • Cigarette (filter)-paper

  • Kraft corrugated board

  • Newspaper

  • Wallpaper


The Puncher is our Cross-Flow-Shredder designed for dry defibration to fiberizes
paper and cardboard.

Non-Paper Materials

And Non-Paper like:

  • Plastics

  • Liquid packaging board / Tetra

  • Textiles

  • Metals

  • Flexo print

  • PVC

and much more.

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