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Mobil Shredding Container

Our mobile solution 

  • Paper, Wood, Electronic Waste solutions available 

  • Ready to use equipment

  • Compact system 

  • Easy movable anytime

  • Up to 1.5tph throughput  

  • 40% less energy consumption

  • Fully clean and closed process

  • 20 ft and 40ft Container solutions available 

System Integration

►  We integrate our shredder in your existing system.


►  Our develop a new concept to achieve your goals.

For more information about our Engineering Services here.

Cross-Flow-Shredder designed to shred paper, hard plastic, metal and e-waste.
Technological advantages:
Up to 99.9% composite separation
Completely closed system
Low power consumption 

Our Shredding Technology

Engineered for the future

Innovative Shredding Technology

to separate

Electronic Waste

Electronic Series

Paper Series

Wood Series

Innovative Shredding Technology


OCC | ONP | Mixed Paper  


Innovative Shredding Technology



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