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Plastic Scrap

A major challenge for the processing industry represents the recovery of recycled plastics and other potentially recyclable materials.


We offer recovery of bottles (PET, HDPE, PP,...), films (LDPE,PP,...) and bio-degradable plastics as well and separate chloride compounds (PVC), flame retardant plastic, paper, wood and metals.

Innovation Technology

Independent Engineering - Consulting - in your best interest

  • Shredder

  • Screens

  • Washing lines

  • C, NIR Sorter, Eddy Current

  • Baler

  • Conveyor

  • Extruder

We integrate all and only what you need!

Everything start with a smart concept drawing

A plastic process flow maps out the journey plastic takes on its way to being recycled. It depicts the progression of the plastic from scrap materials to a usable product.

In the plastic process flow concept we drawing a chart using simple pictures and descriptions to show the process for recycling scrap plastics.

The chart begins with the scrap plastics being sorted, then ground into small particles that are washed and ground into even smaller particles.

The particles are then extruded into pellets or new products.

FINALLY Extrusion

Extrusion is the last step in the plastics recycling process.

The plastic flakes go through a series of mechanisms known as the hopper, barrel, cylinder, and screw that heat and melt the plastic and move it forward through the machine.

Once the plastic is melted, the screw continues to push it though a die which shapes the plastic. It then moves through a cooling device and becomes a usable product.

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