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The W Series is our solution for wood recycling. Our technology allows you to separate composites which simplifies the extraction of impurities and leads to an increased value of your final product.

Shredder W Series 

Wood Recycling Solution

Our innovative technology for wood crushing

For hardwood and softwood.

  • Up to 99.9% composite separation

  • Impurity detection system integrated

  • Automatic rotor stop function (<15sec)

  • Less downtime and damages to equipment due to heavy impurities

  • Permanent air suction reduces dust and lowers risk of dust explosions

  • Easy separation from contamination

  • Technical availability up to 95% due to easy and fast access to wear parts

  • Highest occupational safety due to completely closed system

  • Fire/spark detection and suppression system can be added easily (optional) 

System Integration

Wood Recycling Solution

Our innovative technology to separate composite materials.

New or existing recycling facilities, we provide you with the best solutions and support to maximize your recovery of all valuable materials in your material stream.

Our W50 can process up to 3t/h and our W80 up to 6t/h depending on your input material.


Contact us for a more detailed analysis of your material and a detailed quote that fits your needs. 

Input material: Pre-sized Pallets

Output material 1 inch / 25mm      

Output material 3/8 inch

10 mm

Output material 3/16 inch

5 mm

Material examples

Examples of different material sizes.
Pictures show the input material and output material, before and after it was shredded with our Shredder W80.

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